About the Business Women’s Connection

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of The BusinessWomen’s Connection is to provide a supportive environment in which our members can enhance each other’s businesses by learning about each member, giving qualified referrals and discussing issues of concern to us all. Our intention is to develop connections with other professional women that will foster loyalty and friendship as a natural extension of our business relationships. We are committed to demonstrating our support for each other in achieving our individual goals both professional and personal.


As a member of BWC, I pledge to honor the purpose stated above to the best of my ability by:

  • attending meetings regularly in order to learn more about fellow members’ businesses.
  • treating fellow members with respect, and in the manner in which I would like to be treated.
  • making an effort to obtain qualified leads for others.


Weekly attendance is vital to the success of the group, therefore members are limited to 12 absences in a 12 month period and/or 5 consecutive absences. A member will be counted absent if she arrives after the first set of 30-second promotions has ended. Hearing others speak aids us in getting to know each other and obtaining qualified leads.

If a member must be absent, she may send a representative to give her 30-second promotions for her and report back to her about the meetings. Substitutions are limited to three per year and may not be used on an ongoing basis. Substitutes must be familiar with the member’s business and be willing to report events of the meeting back to the member. This substitute will represent only the member, not herself.

While our group supports the efforts of working mothers to be successful in business while recognizing their families as a priority, we respectfully request that no children under eight years of age be brought to meetings.

The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing absences and taking appropriate action. Those approaching the absence limit will be notified that their membership is in jeopardy. Dismissal from the group may apply.


We welcome visitors to our group and the first visit is free (the networking fee for non-members at subsequent meetings is $5.00, limited to one meeting). Guests are asked to fill out a membership application and return it to the director before the meeting starts to insure non-competition. If the guest is not in obvious conflict with any members, she may network during the 30-second promotions and distribute literature. Guests who conflict may introduce themselves, but may not network.

Other Networking Group

The BusinessWomen’s Connection is committed to nurturing the friendship and loyalty that can develop among the women who belong to our group. Therefore, we require all members to refrain from joining any other groups that offer non-competition as a benefit of membership.


Membership is open to all professional women who are willing to make a commitment to the purpose of the group and agree to The Business Women’s Connection pledge. Members are guaranteed their exclusive representation of a product or service. Specifically, no one may promote a service or product that conflicts with or overlaps another member’s area of representation. Membership is limited to 25. No more than one quarter of the membership may represent any one related category, ie. health & wellness, financial services, etc.

The application fee is $25.00, payable to BWC upon submission of an application to the Membership Committee. This amount will be refunded if application is denied. Monthly dues are $6.00, payable on the first Wednesday of the month. Discounts are offered for paying several months in advance.

Applications for membership are subject to the review and approval of the Membership Committee. Existing members have veto power if they believe an applicant will be in competition. Applications are announced to the group three weeks in a row. On the third week, if no objections have been made, the Membership Committee will meet to make a final decision. Applicants may attend meetings at no charge until this process is completed.

A downloadable membership application is here. An online application is here.

Passing Leads

One benefit of our group is the opportunity to gain qualified business leads from other members of the group. A “qualified” lead is one which has a good possibility of becoming a sale. Leads are most valuable when passed as follows:

  • Speak directly to the potential “client” about the member and her service, and pass along her business card.
  • Ask if the member may call the “client”.
  • At the next meeting, relay the name and, if appropriate, the phone number of the potential “client” to the member.

A tally of leads passed is kept so that we may honor the member who facilitates the most connections each month. Members are credited for one lead for bringing a guest. There is no requirement to pass leads.