Ruth Janjic, Diagonal Growth Strategies, Inc.

I joined Business Women’s Connection nine years ago shortly after my kids graduated from high school and I was looking to expand my marketing strategy consultancy. Like many business owners, I attended different networking events and would meet people once, then run into them periodically, but I found it limiting to interact this way. In contrast, the small group setting of BWC felt more engaging and I liked getting to know the members in a meaningful, personal way.

Over time, I have found that BWC has helped me in ways I hadn’t imagined. Business-wise, I learned about and tapped resources to put in place key necessities to grow, such as legal help and a website. As a market researcher, I have interviewed group members for my projects, which is a huge help. Various members have sought my assistance in developing marketing strategies for their businesses and have provided me with referrals for new projects.

What I didn’t expect was how much I would enjoy meeting and getting to know different business women of all ages and stages of life and business – many of whom I would never have met, otherwise. Not only do I connect weekly with members at our meetings, but as I venture around Boulder, I am always happy to run into alumnae whom I met at BWC. The network of past members is strong, facilitated by the group’s Facebook group for members which allows us to stay in touch well beyond membership in the group. We even have members that moved out of state with whom I stay connected and have gotten referrals.

Thanks to all the wonderful current and past members of BWC, and welcome to those of you who are looking for a great group to join! Contact us to arrange a visit!