Michelle Burnham, Carefree Travel

I first learned about Business Women’s Connection from my mom. She was an
original member and occasionally I would fill in for her when she was out of town.
Fast forward to over 20 + years later and another member Claudia L. called me and
asked if I would come to a meeting as BWC was looking for a professional travel
agent. I went to a few meetings and decided to join. Three years later I am still in
the group and love the new business connections and friendships I have made.
The women in the group are very skilled and talented in their chosen professions.
Their ideas have helped me learn new and improve my skills. I had never before
talked before a group and at first the 30 second commercials were terrifying along
with having to speak about my business for 10 minutes (which I thought was an
eternity!) Now I feel like a seasoned pro and can talk in this format much easier! I
have made some lasting business relationships and have some great new friends.
My name is Michelle Burnham and I am co-owner of CareFree Travel Associates,
Inc. in Boulder, Colorado.

Carefree Travel business card