Holly Bea-Weaver, Word Weaver & Co.
When my husband and I first moved to Boulder from Northern Colorado, we
didn’t know anyone who lived here. Having been an advertising freelance
copywriter for more than 20 years, I enjoyed a thriving business with clients
nationwide. A friend of a friend invited me to attend a meeting of Business
Women’s Connection and I accepted, thinking it might be a good way to
meet some women in the area.

I’d never belonged to a networking group. All of my business came from
referrals, and even though I write websites, blogs, broadcast scripts, press
releases and more for a living, I never got around to building a website to
promote my services. I never saw the need to belong to such a group, so
the concept was a bit foreign to me.

At the first meeting, I enjoyed hearing everyone’s 30-second elevator pitch.
And when it was my turn, I realized I needed to brush up on my own 30-
second business description! I enjoyed hearing the speaker of the day, which
is always a BWC member who shares information about her business and a
Q & A after the presentation. After 18 months as a member, I’ve learned a
LOT about other businesses and the amazing women who run them. We’ve
shared business concerns, exchange ideas, celebrate successes and even
recently mourned the loss of a member who succumbed to ovarian cancer.

We enjoy monthly happy hours. I’ve utilized the services of several members
and referred friends and colleagues to their businesses. I’ve had the honor of
helping several members with their website content or blogs. Yes,
sometimes attending weekly lunch meeting can be a little challenging.
However, I have never regretted attending a single meeting. Rather, it’s
something I truly look forward to every week.

Business Women’s Connection has given me the opportunity to connect with
other business women in ways that go beyond business. My membership has
enriched both my personal and professional life. It’s an interesting group of
individuals that CONNECT. Thanks, Karelle, (Best Mac Solutions) for inviting
me to attend a meeting!

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