Angela Alter, Your Friend & REALTOR® for Life

The BWC isn’t like any other networking group. We’re real, we’re organic, and we’re authentic. I’ve found The Business Women’s Connection to be the most valuable group of businesswomen I’ve been involved with. The smart, successful, and supportive women in this group bring great ideas to the table to help other members grow professionally and personally.

Members of the group have been an amazing sounding board for my marketing ideas and several members have directly participated in my Wednesday Woman in Business video series.

And, as new members join our group, we do our best to foster community and provide support to help other women be successful in their business endeavors.

My friends in the BWC have helped me deal with personal loss, child-care issues, and health problems. Holly, a master wordsmith, and author, sent my children a book about the lifecycle of death when my mother passed away. Several members sent out feelers to friends to help me over the holidays when I had transportation issues for my children. Beck’s amazing skills as a shiatsu therapist helped me work my way back to healthy posture, relieving my neck and back pain. Yes, we share leads. Yes, we speak on topics of interest to the group about our business. Yes, we even offer mastermind support. But, what isn’t easily written is the genuine way in which we connect at all our lunches, happy hours, pot luck dinners, social gatherings, holiday parties. We are more than just a networking group. We are friends. We are connected.