Business Women’s Connection: A Women’s Networking Group Like No Other

Yes, they all network. But they don’t all connect on a truly meaningful level. Business Women’s Connection has been a vibrant gathering of Boulder-area businesswomen for more than 25 years.

Yes, we share leads. And yes, we get to know each other’s businesses. But we also support each other by sharing experiences, wisdom, challenges, ideas, goals and dreams. Through this level of connection, we find that our businesses grow and thrive.

We limit our membership to only 25 women who are exceptional in their fields. Some are seasoned, others are just starting out. But we are all in this to succeed and support one another.

Historically Business Women’s Connection met every Wednesday for lunch at a local restaurant in Boulder from 11:15AM-12:45PM. Because of the disruptions resulting from Covid-19, we will be meeting online for the foreseeable future. Being able to connect with friends and business associates during this stressful time remains important to the members of this tight-knit group. We continue to welcome visitors and new members from the local community.

We invite you to meet our current membership and find out more about how we operate. To attend a meeting, find out more or to RSVP as a guest, please email us.

ATTENTION: We’ve learned there are one or more disreputable groups using names very similar to ours to solicit money and/or information from business women. That is not us! We are in no way associated with those groups! The Business Women’s Connection never solicits or “cold calls.” We don’t do phone interviews. We never ask for money up front (because we want to meet you, first!). We operate on a face-to-face basis, and we come to know and trust each other because we see each other weekly. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN PROVIDING OTHERS WITH YOUR MONEY AND/OR INFORMATION. There are a lot of scams out there.

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