My BWC family

Karelle Scharff, Best Mac Solutions/Peak to Peak Websites

I was one of the founding members of the original Allie Lassen Leads Club, back in the early 90s, when I was a professional photographer. I had a hiatus for a few years, while I worked in Estes Park and raised a child. When my job came to a close in Estes and my teenager didn’t need me so much, by good fortune I ran into Jan Nance, the travel agent with our original group, and I came back to the BWC.

To my delight, many of the original members were still with the group, Jan and Claudia and Betty Ann, and I made new friends, Iris, Kim, Ruth, Beck, Michele, Ginger, Birchann, Annmarie, Michelle, Angela, Holly and many others. Since my return, I’ve represented the Computer Consultant (Mac only) field and have added website development to the computer skills I offer to the group.

These are all dry facts, the recitation of which does not even begin to explain the reasons why this hour and a half every week continues to be one of my favorite times of the week. I love these women, they’ve become an extended family. I rejoice for their successes, both personal and professional, and I grieve their losses. Many of my biggest business contracts have been from leads passed through BWC and I’ve been proud to represent this group of accomplished professional women to my clients, friends and acquaintances, and to be represented by them.

In a time when business seems to be getting less personal, it’s nice to be able to meet weekly with a group of women and get to know them better than the average Facebook contact. And they just keep getting better! I have a hard time imagining running a small business in Boulder without the support of a close-knit networking group.

You should try it too! Contact us to arrange a visit.

“Connection” Is The Key

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A Great Network of Business Women, Boulder and Beyond

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The Value of the Business Women’s Connection

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Michelle Burnham, Carefree Travel I first learned about Business Women’s Connection from my mom. She was an original member and occasionally I would fill in for her when she was out of town. Fast forward to over 20 + years later and another member Claudia L. called me and asked if I would come to… Continue Reading

What is Art For?

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